My name is Ms Annie and I am not only an academic, but I am a writer with a passion for collecting and telling stories. However, my biggest purpose in life is to share the love of God with the world. So, I started this blog to write about my experience as a child of God; the challenges and the victories that I experience every day. I also wanted to share about the lessons that God continues to teach me hoping that it will bless someone. In short, I want to use my words to help paint the picture of what God means to me and how he has changed my life. I hope when you read my stories on the platform, Word of the Week, that it will draw you closer to God.

Additionally, ever since I can remember, I have always loved stories. A well written or narrated story has the power to transport the audience into the shoes of the narrator. It has the power to teach, to motivate, and to enlighten. The power to change and transform life, literally. And the best part is that everyone has one, and that is why I created the platform, My Testimony, where people could share their stories about the wonder working power of God in their lives.

Lastly, I strongly believe that we must change the current narrative about singleness hence the space Single, complete and thriving. Singleness is often approached as if it is something wrong that needs fixing; as if purpose and completion cannot be found in singleness. In fact, the single life is often neglected, it is basically seen as a stage where one is supposed to use their time preparing for the next stage which is often marriage and not necessarily in successfully living in the now of being single. So much so that people often despise this season and take the gift that this season offers for granted. Thus, people who are not just passing through singlehood but living it and looking to make the season work for them, and trying to thrive are often left unprepared and with no support. As a result, this platform hopes to equip those who are single whether by choice or in waiting for marriage, or who are widowed or divorced with the tools on how to be the best version that God intends them to be in this season.