Speak up my child because if you do not speak, who will speak for you!

2020-03-10 06:18:00

Who will know your heart?

Who will know and understand your dreams?

Who will know what you need if you do not ask?

Who will know how to love you if you do not say how?

Who will treat you right if you do not tell them how?

Who will see you in the room when you choose to be quiet and forgettable?

Who will know when they have offended or hurt you, or even breached your boundaries?

What of the great ideas and thoughts that God has placed in your heart?

What will happen to those unspoken words; those words you have left muffled and forgotten on the inside because of fear or lack of confidence in your own voice?

I know what will happen,

They will accumulate and fester on the inside leaving a wound. A wound that will spread like poison into your soul and kill your hope and self-worth. What is not spoken is never forgotten by the soul. The soul was meant to speak up. When left unspoken it slowly destroys the good in you. So please speak up my child, shout to the mountains to the top of your lungs, let them see you and hear you roar!

Ms Annie



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