Monologues and Dialogues with God


In the silence if you really listen God speaks to you and tells you who you really are. He tells you all that you can be and it will seem impossible and will always be the opposite of what the world loudly declares, however, that is exactly who you are. Choose to listen to God and not the world. Always have a stubborn hope. In fact, let the hope of God passionately burn in your heart every morning. Remember that things are never what they seem in the physical, so instead look at life through spiritual eyes.

Be very clear about what seed you are watering and nurturing in your life because it will grow and you will reap the fruit in abundance. If you are not sure of the seed, weed it out!

Never live life as an absent passenger. Be “woke”, listen to what God is saying.

If we want to bear good fruit in our lives, we must die to ourselves and give God the reigns.

You must be willing to be odd. To stand out, to be comfortable in your own individual awkwardness in order to be great. There is no greatness in conforming only an average existence. Be true to who God made you to be.

Never follow your heart, it is deceptive. Instead live by the spirit.

Love equals sacrifice, there can be no love without sacrifice.

The devil uses pleasure to lead you to bondage, but God uses discipline to guide you to freedom and even greater pleasure.

Love only given in perfection is not love. Love is loving someone despite their glaring imperfections.

The devil cannot destroy you, but he can destruct you.

Although darkness can provide a great hiding spot for sin, it grows best in the dark. So, expose your sin and stop pretending to be perfect and acknowledge your weakness to God.

God can do more than you can even imagine or comprehend, however, because of our fears and doubts we are the ones who make Him small and limit His power in our lives!

Embrace God’s favour in every area of your life, and remember you do not have to earn it. So, never apologise for it or to water it down.

We often think that life is all about praying when you think you need it and not when you think you have it covered, however, that is a lie instead pray at all times.

Only when I am weak am I truly strong. So, do not be defeated or feel shame because of your weakness instead celebrate it because only then can you put all our faith in God and not in yourself. Thus, when I am weak then I am strong.

Passion isn’t a sensation, it’s a decision. You don’t just pray to get it back, you also practice it. Practice makes passion. And there’s no reason you can’t get your passion back today; it just takes practice. Steven Furtick

Your emotions do not have intellect, so do not follow them for they are not smart. Priscilla Shirer

Real joy is being confident in God’s love even when you do not get what you think you desire or deserve.

Do not let your earthly belongings, achievement or roles define who you are. Instead let God define you and affirm you because although earthly things change, He is consistent and never changing.

When you feed the flesh, the spirit slowly dies.

When the flesh is content, the conscious dies.

For me personally, I know I don’t need to hear another sermon on prayer or read another book on it for me to have a better prayer life. My problem isn’t lack of information, it’s pride.@ Jackihillperry

If I put my feelings above scripture, I am going to be lead to death every time. Jackie Hill Perry

If submission is weakness, then try doing it perfectly without failing. It takes a strong person to submit to another. Jesus never lost his voice nor his identity when he submitted perfectly to the will of the father. @preston_n_perry Being saved does not mean being a doormat, stand up and speak up. Let your voice be heard.

When you kneel down in front of God, He stands up for you & when He Stands up for you, no one can stand against you! So, let God be the pillar of your life.

Ms Annie

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